KryptoFlex 1565 Combo Cable Accessory Kryptonite

KryptoFlex 1565 Combo Cable


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  • 15mm, flexible BRAIDED STEEL CABLE provides increased cut resistance
  • Integrated, 4-digit RESETTABLE COMBINATION lock with indexed number dials for error-free combination setting
  • Integrated adjustable spline attachment rotates up to 240 degrees for a greater number of possible lock carrying locations on bike frame or seat post
  • Includes TRANSIT FLEXFRAME-C TRANSPORTATION system which allows for versatile carrying
  • HOOK-N-LOOP RETENTION STRAP for extra stability during transport
  • Protective vinyl cover
  • Combo Safe Program
  • Product dimensions: 5/8” (15mm) cable diameter
                                          2’ 2" (65cm) cable length
  • Product weight: 1.35 lbs (0.61 kgs)

Patent 6422442


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