Ceramicspeed BB30 Bottom Bracket for SRAM GXP MTB - Strictly Bicycles
Ceramicspeed BB30 Bottom Bracket for SRAM GXP MTB - Strictly Bicycles

Ceramicspeed BB30 Bottom Bracket for SRAM GXP MTB


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BB30 mountain bike bottom bracket shells are wider than road, 73mm, and share the same diameter; 42mm. The bottom bracket here allows you to install your SRAM or Quarq MTB crankset into a BB30 mountain bike.

This is how you get minimum drag, no adapters necessary. Our bearings are installed into aluminum cups that thread together for quiet durability. There are two bearing options. The first choice is our low drag, long life Standard Bearing, with hardened-steel races and our super round CeramicSpeed balls. The second choice is our Coated Bearing, which uses those same balls installed on coated, hardened-steel races for longer life and lower drag.

In The Box

  • Bottom bracket with bearings installed.
  • 2 dust covers.
  • 2 1mm spacer.
  • 2 0.5mm spacer.
  • 10ml syringe of CeramicSpeed LongLife Grease.
  • Sticker sheet.

Technical Data

Quarq and SRAM cranks spin better in our bottom brackets. Our bearings start with our CeramicSpeed balls. They’re 100% smoother and harder than the ceramic competition. Thanks to them installed in our hardened-steel races, our Standard Bearings last three times longer than other bearings. They also reduce drag by an average of 75% over standard bottom brackets. Standard Bearings see frictional drag of 0.3-0.4 watts per set.

The Coated Bearings see a 50% drag reduction and an improvement in bearing life of 60%; another big bump in performance.

24mm/22mm step-down thru-axle crank spindles are compatible with this bottom bracket.

Performance can be improved by changing the grease. LongLife Grease comes installed, but can be changed for lower drag All Round Grease for lower drag or less messy conditions, and TT and Track Grease for less drag and cleaner conditions still.

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