Cannondale Contain Stitched Saddle Bag | Strictly Bicycles
Cannondale Contain Stitched Saddle Bag | Strictly Bicycles

Contain Stitched Saddle Bag


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Contain Stitched Saddle Bag

Pack it up.
The Cannondale Contain Stitched Saddle Bag offers a simple and effective solution to keep your essentials stored securely and easy to access. 

Where it thrives
On the bike, out in the elements

What it's built for
Convenience, durability


  • Velcro attachment to saddle rails and seatpost
  • Water-resistant nylon construction and waterproof zippers
  • Rubberized fabric, reflective tape, with a light clip/strap

Saddle Bag Sizing

Cannondale Contain Stitched Saddle Bag

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