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partington's mission is to build the best wheels in the world. Light, fast, durable and strong. These wheels are built as an integrated system, incorporating unique ideas, materials and manufacturing.

  • Partington Spoke Technology | Strictly Bicycles


    Partington spokes are produced using a highly-guarded, proprietary manufacturing process. 108,000 continuous filaments carry the tension of the spoke as it exits the rim, wraps around the hub, and terminates back at the rim – maintaining load throughout, and minimizing stresses at the spoke to hub junction.

  • Partington Dynamic Bearing Architecture | Strictly Bicycles


    Conventional wheels use bearing arrangements that are often subjected to adverse loads due to use conditions and/or installation arrangements that slow the wheel down. partington uses a ‘floating’ bearing architecture to ensure there are sufficient degrees of freedom such that loads transferred internal to the bearing are minimized and idealized.

  • Partington Composite Wheel System | Strictly Bicycles


    A high-performance wheel is a system of components that are designed in unison, highly integrated and optimized to work together. Partington's proprietary manufacturing methods provide an Integrated Wheel System to produce the world's best performing wheelset.


Brought together by our love for cycling, strives to design and manufacture the world’s highest performing road bike wheels. Underpinned by quality craftsmanship, and a desire to be at the forefront of innovation, we exist to propel cycling forward. In short, we’re all about uncompromised engineering for uncompromised performance.

Partington The Story | Strictly Bicycles
Founder Jon Partington | Strictly Bicycles

THE FOUNDER is a product of founder Jon Partington’s passion for cycling, engineering curiosity and persistent belief that things can be done better. The first ideas were conceived and prototyped in a small garage in Torquay, Australia, before migrating next to a purpose-built carbon fibre research facility called Carbon Nexus at Deakin University in Geelong, Australia.

Partington The Process | Strictly Bicycles

THE PROCESS works with a network of trusted resellers and high-end bespoke frame builders that demand the best. 

From prototyping, process and tooling design-development, all the way through to testing, validation and manufacture - Every component is designed and delivered under one roof in Geelong, Australia. 

Partington General Inforation

Crash Replacement


As riders, we understand that it can be heartbreaking when your pride and joy is damaged in a crash That’s why, if you damage your partington wheels while riding within the first two years of ownership, we’ll replace [or repair] it for free.

Furthermore, if you damage your partington wheels while riding after the first two years of ownership, we’ll provide you with a significant discount on the purchase price of a replacement wheel. 


  • 2-3 years – 40%
  • 3-4 years – 30%
  • 4-5 years – 20%

Discounts are on Recommended Retail Prices.  Prices may vary by location. 

The fine print

If your wheels are damaged because of a crash, please contact us for a crash replacement assessment. This claim must be made directly against Upon claiming under this arrangement, your product automatically becomes the property of without further compensation. The customer is responsible for the postage, import duties and local taxes of the replacement hardware.


Warranty Policy

We provide a 2-year warranty for all products which cover material and manufacturing defects. During this period all products accepted as being faulty or defective will be replaced at no cost. This period of liability starts from the time the product was purchased provided it is registered here within 30 days of purchase. Liability does not extend to any damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidents, or accidental damage – including damage in transit, unauthorized modifications, negligence, or improper handling of the product. Any repair work carried out by persons outside of the partner network will void the warranty.