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Welcome to LAB71

SuperSix EVO LAB71

Faster everywhere

The best of the best. The nth degree. LAB71 is a division with one simple mandate: to make the machines of dreams. The lightest. The fastest. The most stunning, on and off the bike. Every detail considered. Every component analyzed. Every material optimized. These are creations to covet, but more importantly, creations to ride. Bikes that beckon and inspire. Bikes that transcend the expected. Bikes that let you reimagine what’s possible. Welcome to the LAB.

  • Delta Steerer

    An all-new steerer tube design, Delta allows for seamless integration of the bike’s cables from the cockpit down into the frameset, while shrinking the headtube’s frontal area for reduced drag. Sleek, strong, and light.

  • Comfortable Clearance

    Room for 30mm wide tires (with over 6mm of clearance on either side) means SuperSix EVO can ride or race the way you want it to. Run wider tires for more comfort and control, or slim down for lightweight responsiveness. Your choice.

  • Threaded Reliability

    Simplicity is strength, strength is speed, and speed wins races. The new SuperSix EVO embraces the threaded BSA bottom bracket standard, creating a rock-solid mounting point for the crankset for ultimate simplicity and reliability.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO LAB71 | Strictly Bicycles
Cannondale SuperSix EVO LAB71 | Strictly Bicycles
LAB71 | Strictly Bicycles
Bottle Integration | Strictly Bicycles

Bottle Integration

SuperSix EVO’s included ReGrip Aero cages and Gripper Aero bottles do more than just hold water. They actually make the bike faster. Designed with the EVO, they create a more streamlined profile, improving the bike’s aerodynamic efficiency, while still accommodating standard round bottles from the feed zone.

Cannondale LAB71 | Strictly Bicycles
Get Smart | Strictly Bicycles

Get Smart

Ready beyond race day, SuperSix EVO is compatible with our innovative SmartSense system. Stay visible and aware of your surroundings, with on-board lights, a rear-facing radar system, and one battery to power it all.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO LAB71 | Strictly Bicycles