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All-New SRAM Red AXS Video | Strictly Bicycles

Effortless Performance. Effortless Perfection.

You want your performance to represent 100% of what you put in, and we designed SRAM RED AXS with that goal. Every component has been refined to create an effortless ride. It’s not just the lightest electronic groupset ever; we’ve redeveloped our controls for smooth, low-effort braking and comfortable ergonomics for the widest range of hand sizes.
This generation of RED also has faster and more precise front shifting, fully wireless connectivity, and expanded gearing choices to fit a wide array of riding styles and needs. Every feature, from accurate and reliable power measurement to
new shift points, helps create an effortless experience so your energy goes into your ride.

  • Effortless setup with Hammerhead Karoo

    Instant setup without pairing. Control configuration without pulling out your phone.

  • Shift or swipe without lifting a finger

    With the Bonus Button, you can shift from a second location or control an ANT+ head unit. Your choice.

  • Personalize with AXS

    Customize your shifting, analyze your gear usage, and confirm your bike’s readiness, all with AXS connectivity.

All-New SRAM Red AXS | Effortless braking

Effortless braking

One-finger braking from anywhere, with less effort. RED brakes require 80% less effort than before when braking from the hoods, and 33% less effort from the drops. More power, less hand fatigue.

All-New SRAM Red AXS | Perfect fit

Perfect fit

We’ve achieved new breakthroughs for brake hood comfort and fit with RED. Not just the perfect shape for any size palms, RED brakes also offer a wider range of independent reach and pad contact adjustment, and no pinching of fingers or bottoming out on the bar.

SRAM RED AXS | Meet the Range

All-New Red AXS