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All-New Allez Sprint

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       All-New Allez Sprint

      The World's First Alloy Super Bike

      Aero is everything 

      Specialized leveraged every innovation and insight learned during the SL7's time in the Win Tunnel to make the all-new Allez Sprint 41 seconds faster over 40km than the previous Allez Sprint 


      Smartweld helps us deliver the new Allez Sprint's aerodynamics, power transfer, and handing - it's our process for stronger, more integrated welds in the best possible position to create performance and durabilit

      Allez, LA!.

      Ride along as Justin Williams and his L39ION of Los Angeles team put the new Allez Sprint through its paces on a full-gas, traffic-dogging, elbow-baning ride through Downtown Los Angeles

      The All-New Specialized Allez Sprint is now available st Strictly Bicycles.