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Lynx Aircross Saddle


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LYNX introduces a new compact shape with a rounded and ergonomic tip. This saddle has been conceived and designed specifically with a "short-fit" shape following the new market trends. The increased width (145mm) in the seating area offers ample support for seat bones improving comfort. The short tip helps to reduce the pressure on the soft tissues. The long and wide central channel reduces the pressure on the perineal area improving blood flow. The shell reinforced with carbon fiber combined with the Manganese frame offers great strength and durability. The Aircross light padding is made with two different layers. The soft inner foam ensures the right comfort. The outer layer is waterproof and durable.  On the rear part of the frame, there is a new clamp system for accessories.


Weight: 22g
Carbon-reinforced (shell), Aircross light (padding)
Dimensions: 145x245mm

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