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Grand Prix 5000 - Special Edition Tour de France Tire

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The lush cream-colored sidewall tire from Continental is finally here and it comes on the impressive, high-performing GP5000. Adorned with the official Tour De France logo, the Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tdf LTD Road Tire comes with all the technological features you know and love from the Grand Prix 5000, in a luxuriously sharp package.

Continental's Grand Prix 5000 TDF Road Tire is a high-performing all-rounder road tire featuring even better versions of Black Chili tread compound and tear-resistant Vectran Breaker technology, as well as the revolutionary technologies: Lazer Grip and Active Comfort.

The Conti GP5000's Lazer Grip technology delivers more cornering traction from day one - no break-in time required thanks to its micro profile structure that reaches over the shoulder of the tire. Integrated into the 3-ply/330tpi casing of the Grand Prix 5000, Active Comfort technology provides stiffness in the sidewall and flexibility under the tread for greater vibration dampening and excellent ride comfort.

  • Tour de France Special Edition
  • Available only in 700x25 clincher
  • All-rounder & high-performance.
  • Active Comfort & Lazer Grip technologies.
  • Black Chili tread compound.
  • Vectran Breaker puncture protection.
  • Foldable bead.
  • 3-ply/330tpi casing.
  • Weight: 215g
  • PSI: 95-120
  • BAR: 6,5-8,5

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