Hammerhead GPS Cycling Computer

Karoo 2.0  

Next-Generation Cycling Computer

Karoo 2 brings the power of advanced navigation and intuitive software to your handlebars, all on a stunning, smartphone-like display.

Karoo 2 Custom Color Kit

Customize more than your data screens and routes. The Karoo 2 Custom Color Kit allows you to change out your cycling computer to be an extension of your bike or kit.

Heart Rate Monitor

Hit your training goals and get more out of your Karoo 2 with real-time heart rate data. A washable chest-strap designed for fit and comfort, including all-fabric electrodes, allows for great connectivity and durability.

"The overall navigation and display experience is unlike anything else out there."

DC Rainmaker

“Karoo 2 is a properly specified piece of hardware, in many ways superior to the iPhone X and probably faster than every other dedicated bike computer…”


“The Hammerhead Karoo 2 is the best GPS cycling computer you’re not using.”